• IoTE wallet updated to version v1.30.0.1

    IoTE wallet updated to version v1.30.0.1 Update Log: IoTE wallet has been updated to version v1.30.0.1. The IoTE Core version v1.28.6.1 may have problems that cannot be converge…

    2019年2月11日 1.3K 0 0
  • js-ipfs 0.29.0 released

    I love the smell of a new release in the morning 😁#IPFS #JS v0.29.0 🚀 ✔ Test ✔ Build dist version ✔ Update Contributors list ✔ Bump Version: v0.28.2 -> v0.29.0 ✔ Gen Changelo…

    2018年5月29日 1.4K 0 0
  • js-ipfs 0.28.0 released

    Excited to share with you all today that js-ipfs v0.28.0 has been released! This release brings a panoply of bug fixes, perf improvements, testing improvements and new features….

    2017年3月16日 1.3K 0 0