• IPFS周报39 | IPFS技术开发进程加速

    导语 本周的IPFS周报官方介绍了IPFS技术开发进程加速,并整理了一些最新进展。对官方周报感兴趣的小伙伴,可以前往点滴资讯官网 了解更多详情。 欢迎来到IPFS周报!👋…

    2019年4月25日 818 0 0
  • The IoTE mining pool has been released(February 23, 2019)

    The IoTE’s mining pool has been released to encourage more community members to participate in the development of the mining pool and jointly promote the IoTE project to b…

    2019年2月23日 485 0 0
  • js-ipfs 0.34.0 released

    Speed and flexibility, new IPFS for a new year! I just saw JS IPFS 0.34 breeze out the front door in a totally disco powder blue suit 🕺🏻. It's fast, small, supports big di…

    2019年1月17日 301 0 0
  • js-libp2p 0.24.0 released

    js-libp2p v0.24.0 is here #libp2p #JS! We’ve added support for custom routers, turned relay on by default and threw in some extra goodies and improvements. Highlights are here: …

    2018年11月16日 219 0 0
  • go-ipfs 0.4.18 released

    go-ipfs 0.4.18 has been released! This is one of largest go-ipfs releases to date; 3 months in the making. Thanks to all our contributors for your awesome work! ✨ Highlights The…

    2018年11月7日 152 0 0
  • js-ipfs 0.33.0 released

    All new Web UI – Check on your node stats, explore the IPLD powered Merkle forest, see peers around the world and manage your files, without needing to touch the CLI. Set…

    2018年11月1日 167 0 0
  • ipld-explorer-cli 0.14 released

    There’s a new version of the ipld-explorer-cli tool for exploring IPLD data! Let’s break down those acronyms and explain why I’m so excited about this. IPLD (I…

    2018年9月12日 218 0 0
  • js-ipfs 0.32.0 released

    A pinch of IPNS, some chunking of files and you’ll have a delicious IPFS stew for supper. Better head over to your nearest modules'R'us store because #JS #IPFS 0….

    2018年9月11日 163 0 0
  • js-ipfs 0.31.0 released

    Restoring IPFS magic one alakazam at a time…no we’re not talking pokemon. They grow up so fast 😿 #JS #IPFS 0.31 has been released into the wild with added connecti…

    2018年7月29日 182 0 0
  • js-libp2p 0.23.0 released

    js-libp2p just got its first official release #libp2p #JS v0.23.0 🚀 ✔ Test ✔ Build dist version ✔ Update Contributors list ✔ v0.22.0 -> v0.23.0 ✔ Gen Changelog ✔ Publish to …

    2018年7月27日 211 0 0
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