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js-ipfs 0.25.0 released

Today, we’ve released js-ipfs 0.25.0. This release is mostly maintenance, bug fixing and bringing some of the internal components up to their latest versions.

Good morning world 🌞

A fresh new js-ipfs is waiting for you:
+ ipfs@0.25.0
[08:52:21] Published to npm.

I bid you all a good day!

— David Dias (@daviddias) July 12, 2017

🔦 Highlights

🏮 ipfs-repo is now 🐲 free

The IPFS Repo Class went through some careful refactoring. Now it is easier to understand its internals and to support different backend storage adapters.

To create a js-ipfs node with your own custom repo, you can now:

const node = new IPFS({repo: <your own Repo instance with your backend storage adapters>}) 

If you are curious, you can learn about what are the default storage adapters in the IPFS Repo itself, namely:

⬢ libp2p is now used directly and the bundles live inside the js-ipfs repo

The JavaScript implementation of libp2p received a lot of love recently, including the addition of Tutorials. You can consult all the details on the Log entry of libp2p’s Captain.log – https://github.com/libp2p/js-libp2p/issues/6#issuecomment-313970615

🏎 SPDY is out of the mix and there goes browserify-zlib special shimming.

SPDY has been removed from the default browser bundle in favor of supporting libp2p-multiplex only. SPDY was the Stream Muxer of js-ipfs since almost the beginning, but since go-ipfs never got a complete implementation of SPDY, we ended up switching to libp2p-multiplex to guarantee interop between implementations. What this means is that you will continue to see the interop, but now your browser bundle will be significantly lighter.

📞 wrtc, the WebRTC module for Node.js is now optional

wrtc, a module that enables js-ipfs Node.js nodes to speak WebRTC, has been excluded from the default list of modules so that Linux users can have a better time when using js-ipfs natively. You can still bring it back and now not only use wrtc but you can also use electron-webrtc, the other WebRTC module for Node.js See how to achieve that in the project’s README – https://github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs#advanced-options-when-creating-an-ipfs-node.

Note, this doesn’t change the behavior in the browser. Browser nodes will still continue to use WebRTC by default.

If you run into any hurdles, please open an issue on ipfs/js-ipfs/issues.

Thank you for your attention, I bid you a good day!



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