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ipld-explorer-cli 0.14 released

There’s a new version of the ipld-explorer-cli tool for exploring IPLD data! Let’s break down those acronyms and explain why I’m so excited about this.

IPLD (Inter Planetary Linked Data) is the underlying data structure used by IPFS that allows it to store, retrieve and traverse through any type of content-addressed data. Recently, our team created the awesome new IPLD Explorer so you can visually explore IPLD objects. If you haven’t already checked it out, hop over and explore everything from git repos to ethereum blocks to historic photo archives of the lunar landings to your own IPLD data.

The IPLD Explorer also comes with a command-line interface (ipld-explorer-cli) so you can explore with your keyboard. I was inspired to give it an upgrade so that it could resolve IPLD formats other than dag-pb and dag-cbor, like git-raw and ethereum-block. It also now works with a js-ipfs daemon if you have one running (you’ll need to update the API address using the “config” command).

Here’s a quick demo video:

Installing and using the new CLI

Ensure you have at least: * Node.js

Install the module globally:

$ npm i -g ipld-explorer-cli 

Then, launch the interactive shell:

$ ipld-explorer 

You’ll see instructions to explore sample datasets and begin traversing the Merkle forest 🌲🌲🌲. You can also start a js-ipfs daemon to explore your own data. Enjoy!

💬 Feedback or bugs?

Do you have feedback for us, or bugs to report? Please open an issue: https://github.com/tableflip/ipld-explorer-cli/issues

🙌🏽 Want to contribute to this CLI tool?

Check out the issues marked good first issue and let us know where you would like to begin! https://github.com/tableflip/ipld-explorer-cli/issues

🙌🏽 Want to contribute to IPFS?

Would you like to contribute to the IPFS project and don’t know how? Well, there are a few places you can get started:

⁉️ Do you have questions?

The best place to ask your questions about IPFS, how it works and what you can do with it is at discuss.ipfs.io. We are also available at the #ipfs channel on Freenode.



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