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IPFS Weekly 4

IPFS is a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identities, aiming to make the web faster, safer, and more open. In these posts, we highlight some of the development that has happened in the past week. For anyone looking to get involved, follow the embedded hyperlinks, search the wealth of information on GitHub or join us on IRC (#ipfs on the Freenode network).

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Here are some of the highlights for the January 25th sprint:


  • js-ipfs: @diasdavid and @vijayee created js-ipfs-merkle-dag and js-ipfs-blocks, which will help IPFS deal with MerkleDAGs and are extensible enough to allow others to build their own MerkleDAG structures. Also, js-ipfs is now able to import a file into the MerkleDAG, an important milestone. An architecture graph has been spec’ed out here to help newcomers understand how js-ipfs works. Finally, lots of new issues and low-hanging fruit have been tagged for contributors to tackle. idb-plus-blob-store: The substack/idb-blob-store had issues regarding emitting the finish event on the createWritableStream result due to internal issues in streams and the way .end is handled. So @dignifiedquire wrote this module that fixes this and now allows us to test all parts of js-ipfs in the browser using IndexedDB as the storage.
  • go-ipfs: Thanks to @Kubuxu, dnslink was extended by dedicated subdomain (_dnslink.). This allows users to alias (using CNAME) their domain to gateway.ipfs.io while still being able to to set the dnslink to content they wish. Also, @whyrusleeping has an open PR to pull libp2p out of go-ipfs and put it into a module on gx, the IPFS native package manager. This is part of a larger effort to whittle go-ipfs down into smaller, extensible modules. Finally, @whyrusleeping did a clean up of the go-ipfs pull requests, closing all pull requests or pinging their authors for updates as needed.
  • notes: @noffle began a discussion about revamping the ipfs mount interface. Join in to voice your thoughts here.
  • community: @diasdavid has written a guide to writing captain.logs, which are short gists written by maintainers about IPFS projects, their status, and how to help. We plan to have more of these in different projects.





Across the entire IPFS GitHub organization, the following people have committed code, created issues, or made a comment on GitHub between January 25th (noon, GMT) and February 1st. We’re autogenerating this list using this tool, so please let us know if your name isn’t here.

Thanks, and see you next week! If you have cool things to share for the next weekly, drop us a line in the next weekly sprint issue!

  • Richard Littauer and Andrew Chin

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