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IPFS Weekly 27

Welcome to the IPFS Weekly. 👋

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identity. IPFS enables the creation of completely distributed applications. It aims to make the web faster, safer, and more open. Since that’s a pretty large scope, we track development across the ecosystem in this weekly dispatch.

Looking to get involved? Click on some of the links below, see what we’re up to on GitHub, or join us on IRC.

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Here are some of the highlights since the last IPFS Weekly.

The latest

  • This weekend the IPFS Community will be at FOSDEM 2019, will you? Follow this issue for updates on an IPFS Meetup at the event.
  • David Dias wrote up a fantastic 2018 Q4 London Hack Week Summary on the IPFS blog last week. Read the full recap for photos, details about the community show and tell, and more.
  • ProtoSchool is off and running. There are now eight local chapters across three continents! Check it out!

Meet Paula de la Hoz

Next week, Paula de la Hoz will be joining the IPFS All Hands weekly call to present on “Decentralized Internet and Privacy.” Paula has been a security auditor for the past few years, investigating and researching security and internet censorship. She is studying engineering and has a background in investigative journalism. Paula co-founded a privacy and digital rights awareness association called Interferencias. She is passionate about freedom of software and hardware, so her talk will be a fantastic one! Join the IPFS All Hands call next Monday, 5pm UTC.

IPFS in the wild

Do you follow IPFS on Twitter? For the latest mentions of IPFS in the news, check our Twitter feed or see the latest articles on Awesome IPFS.

Updates and new releases

See the latest releases of IPFS tools and projects across the ecosystem.

Questions from the community 🤔

Here are some questions folks are discussing in the IPFS ecosystem.

Tools and projects we <3

Awesome IPFS is a community maintained and updated list of projects, tools, or pretty much any things related to IPFS that are totally awesome. To see more, or add yours to the list, visit Awesome IPFS on GitHub.

  • Temporal-JS SDK (Full Public IPFS+IPNS Usage): Not only can you pin content with the SDK, you have complete usage of all our public IPFS, and IPNS API calls. This means you can create and export keys, publish IPNS records, upload files, download files, use pubsub, retrieve IPLD objects, and object statistics.
  • exoHash – A token driven data science product.

Coming up in the Community

Did you know IPFS has a community forum at discuss.ipfs.io? Sign up to participate in discussions about coding, tutorials, see announcements and learn about upcoming community events.

  • 2 Feb 2019: IPFS Bootstrapping – 2019 edition is coming to the Copehagen IPFS community.
  • 2-3 Feb 2019: IPFS will be a topic of discussion at FOSDEM in Brussels. Join us there!
  • 6 Feb 2019: Qri: A bleeding-edge open source data science tool on the distributed web, hosted by New York Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.
  • 15-17 Feb 2019: ETHDenver 2019, The ETHDenver #BUIDLATHON is about bringing together like minds around a common purpose.
  • 2 Mar 2019: On Global Diversity CFP Day 2019 there will be numerous workshops hosted around the globe encouraging and advising newbie speakers to put together your very first talk proposal and share your own individual perspective on any subject of interest to people in tech.
  • 17-18 May 2019: Data Terra Nemo is a technical conference about decentralized protocols and the software built on top of them.

Thanks for reading ☺️

That’s it for this week’s news on all things IPFS. If we missed something, reply to this email and let us know! That way we can feature you in next week’s edition.




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