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Congratulations to The fortune’s favorite of 150,000 IoTE

Update Log:

The 1001 blocks of the IoTE main network have been successfully released at 13:51:34 February 14, 2019 (Helsinki time zone in Finland) with the following info.:

Blockhash: c6bc5d054cd84dea851ee0cc9aabde827dcbd4240c5238861b40f94e80a39422

Transaction Hash: 47d1049b8a473457c09beba9b9443d44e59349bd63b0f164758c2f6daf74a006

Wallet address:EPXGCqaLa8gpuoiUy3PA2AfnowGvQppsgx

More info: http://explorer.iote.one/explorer/IOTE?height=1001

The official will transfer the above address to a reward of 150,000 IoTE. We will launch the mine pool as soon as possible, welcome to join IoTE.

If you have any questions, please contact:  info@iote.one

The IoTE Core developers

February 14, 2019


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