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Sale Delayed — New Date: Thursday Aug 10

Sale Delayed — New Date: Thursday Aug 10

Hey Everyone,

Bad news. We unfortunately have to delay the sale. This is painful — for us, as much as anybody else — but it is necessary. We are doing many, many things for the first time, and this sale will be a landmark event in the space. As a reminder, the original Ethereum sale pushed back several times before their launch. Rockets delay their launches all the time. Ultimately, it’s much better to get these things absolutely right. This is a one-time event, and there is no turning back.

Here are the reasons to delay:

  • Since we sent out the averaging first investments update yesterday, we’ve received many emails and comments in various forums noting that making this change, so close to the sale, is really hard on investors, who need time to re-evaluate it. (We agree with this.)
  • We think it’s important to give people more time to evaluate this change, and get comfortable with it — these are important investing decisions, and we feel very strongly that nobody should invest without understanding the details in full.

Let’s use the time wisely between now and then.

  • This will give us time to answer more questions — send us all questions you have today, so we can provide answers for everyone tomorrow (we will post a new FAQ or something like it). Please email filecoin-sale@protocol.ai.
  • We will write some more posts, describing the economics in more detail.
  • Please write to us with any and all concerns.

Also, a warning: we have seen multiple fake, scam websites pretending to be the Filecoin Sale. Stay away, and know that the sale will ONLY happen through CoinList.co

Thank you,

The Filecoin Team.



点对点科技深耘IPFS与Filecoin技术,坚持区块链技术改变未来的信念。点对点 IPFS 数据中心是目前国内技术领先,性价比高、保障优的投资标的。自建杭州数据中心,合作数据中心分布于上海、宁波、河北、香港、斯德哥尔摩(瑞典)等地。点对点数据中心具有优秀的硬件配置与目前国内优质的网络节点资源。点对点科技力求将IPFS爱好者升级为IPFS领军者与受益者,让IPFS颠覆传统互联网,共同开启 WEB 3.0时代。


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