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Anti-Fraud Statement for Our Communities in China & Hong Kong | 关于中国大陆及香港地区社区防范欺诈的声明

Anti-Fraud Statement for Our Communities in China & Hong Kong | 关于中国大陆及香港地区社区防范欺诈的声明

Community Caution: The Protocol Labs, IPFS and Filecoin teams are thrilled about the activity coming from communities around the world, including China and Hong Kong. Over the past year, we’ve enjoyed receiving open-source contributions from several community volunteers across China and Hong Kong. We’ve been happy about the many educational events, webcasts, meetups, articles about our projects, and more.

However, we have been warned of unsanctioned individuals and organizations that wrongly claimed to be participating in miner testing for a Filecoin ‘testnet’. We are directly warning our community in China and Hong Kong that these claims are false. We do not yet have a Filecoin testnet program, and we have not yet been working with any miners. Any information or updates related to a Filecoin testnet will be published on the Filecoin official blog.

Further, Protocol Labs, IPFS, and Filecoin are currently not involved in any partnerships, sponsorships, joint venture, or endorsement agreements with any partners in China or Hong Kong. To date, Protocol Labs, IPFS, and Filecoin have not partnered with any community members, miners, miner machine manufacturers, exchanges, wallets, software developers, technology leaders or technology evangelists in China or Hong Kong. We strongly recommend to avoid anyone that claims to be commercially or officially affiliated with our teams in those areas at this time.

We do sometimes correspond with volunteer open-source community members, but these relationships are informal. Any and all information or announcements related to future partnerships, affiliations, sponsorships, joint ventures, endorsement agreements, or a Filecoin testnet will be published on the Filecoin official blog. We do not endorse any information published about Protocol Labs, IPFS, or Filecoin on other media or social channels. Please only look to our official websites and blogs for Protocol Labs, IPFS, and Filecoin for information about our projects.

Thank you for your continued support.

Protocol Labs
Filecoin Team

社区请注意:Protocol Labs、IPFS和Filecoin团队为包括中国大陆和香港地区在内的世界各地社区开展的活动感到兴奋。在过去的一年里,我们开心地收到了来自中国大陆和香港地区社区志愿者的开源贡献,也高兴地看到许多关于我们项目的教育活动、网络讲座、见面会、讨论文章和其他社区活动。

然而,我们被提醒,一些未获认可的个人和团体虚假地宣称参与到了Filecoin “测试网” 的矿工测试工作。我们特此直接提醒我们在中国大陆和香港的社区成员:这些说法并不属实。我们尚无Filecoin测试网安排,而且也没有与任何矿工合作。任何与Filecoin测试网相关的信息和动态更新,都会发布在Filecoin的官方博客

此外,Protocol Labs、IPFS和Filecoin团队目前没有与任何中国大陆或香港地区的合作者签署过任何形式的合作伙伴、赞助、合资或者背书协议。到目前为止,Protocol Labs、IPFS和Filecoin团队也没有与任何中国大陆和香港地区的社区成员、矿工、矿机制造商、交易所、钱包、软件开发者、技术引领者或技术传道者形成合作伙伴关系。任何人如声称在上述领域与我们团队有商业或者官方合作关系,我们强烈建议远离这些人士。

我们有时确实会和一些开源社区的志愿者进行联系,但是这些联系都不是正式的合作关系。任何及所有关于未来合作伙伴、关联单位、赞助、合资、背书协议,或者Filecoin测试网的信息和公告,都将发布在Filecoin的官方博客我们不会背书在其他媒体或者社交渠道上发布的关于Protocol Labs、IPFS或者Filecoin的任何信息。请只关注我们的官方网站和博客 Protocol LabsIPFSFilecoin ,获得关于各个项目的信息。


Protocol Labs


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