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Announcing the Filecoin FAQs

Announcing the Filecoin FAQs

We have assembled an exhaustive list of crowd-sourced Filecoin FAQs from our active community as a quick and easy resource for questions about Filecoin. The Filecoin FAQs provide clear, high quality responses to popular questions from our community. We believe these FAQs will be useful for a wide range of our audience, whether already familiar with the Filecoin network or not. Please note the Filecoin FAQs will likely evolve over time: we anticipate editing, adding, or removing questions and answers as appropriate. And please keep the questions coming! Our team is delighted to hear from you at team@filecoin.io.

Filecoin is only as strong as its community, and we cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm. We are thrilled you have joined us on the journey to decentralize data storage and access.

The Filecoin Team
Protocol Labs

我们汇总了一个详尽的来自于我们活跃社区的Filecoin常见问答的列表,以便于快速简易地解决关于Filecoin的问题。 Filecoin常见问答为在我们社区提出的热门问题提供清晰,高质量的答复。我们相信这些常见问答会对无论熟悉或者不熟悉我们Filecoin的受众有所帮助。值得注意的是,Filecoin常见问答可能会随着时间的推移而发生变化:我们预计将会根据需要编辑,添加或删除问题和答案。请继续向我们提交问题!我们的团队将会很高兴收到您对team@filecoin.io的来信。


Filecoin 团队
Protocol Labs


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