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Join us for the Q3 Roadmap review calls

Our next weekly call will be focused on roadmaps. We will be planning our roadmaps for the rest of 2016. You’re invited to join in! We want to make sure the community is heard and involved as much as possible.

If you’re interested in seeing the progress we’ve made with IPFS over the last few months or if you have something you want to see done in Q4, tune into these calls and chime in on IRC.

You are welcome to dial into these calls as a participant if any of the following are true: * You maintain software that relies directly on IPFS * You have done work on js-ipfs, go-ipfs, libp2p, orbit, etc. * You plan to do work on the these projects in the coming months

To prepare for these calls, take a look at the video calls from last week, where we reviewed the third quarter roadmaps.

This is a diversion from our usual weekly schedule. As you may know, every Monday we have a series of calls to align work on IPFS for the following week. We announce the calls each week in an issue in ipfs/pm and on the #ipfs IRC channel. Next week, instead of following our usual routine, we’re going to look at roadmaps. We will cover some of the work we plan to do in the next few months. In mid-October all of the project leads will be meeting in person to lay out our finalized roadmap for the rest of 2016.

If you’d like to weigh in on the process for the next two weeks, check out this issue and let us know! If you have never participated in the calls before and you plan to dial in as a participant on these roadmapping calls, please let us know you’re coming by leaving a comment on that github issue.



点对点科技深耘IPFS与Filecoin技术,坚持区块链技术改变未来的信念。点对点 IPFS 数据中心是目前国内技术领先,性价比高、保障优的投资标的。自建杭州数据中心,合作数据中心分布于上海、宁波、河北、香港、斯德哥尔摩(瑞典)等地。点对点数据中心具有优秀的硬件配置与目前国内优质的网络节点资源。点对点科技力求将IPFS爱好者升级为IPFS领军者与受益者,让IPFS颠覆传统互联网,共同开启 WEB 3.0时代。


Filecoin测试网二阶段昨日重启,点对点出块第一! | 点滴资讯



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