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IPFS Weekly 25

Welcome to the IPFS Weekly. 👋

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identity. IPFS enables the creation of completely distributed applications. It aims to make the web faster, safer, and more open. Since that’s a pretty large scope, we track development across the ecosystem in this weekly dispatch.

Looking to get involved? Click on some of the links below, see what we’re up to on GitHub, or join us on IRC.

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Here are some of the highlights since the last IPFS Weekly.

Announcing ProtoSchool

This week we’re excited to announce the launch of ProtoSchool, an educational community that teaches decentralized web protocols and tools through online tutorials and local chapter events.

Self-guided interactive tutorials teach new concepts through code challenges completed in the browser, with feedback to help you track your progress. Tutorials are built by community members like you with an interest in helping others learn about IPFS and other decentralized web projects such as IPLD, LibP2P, Multiformats, and Filecoin.

Local chapter events around the world use ProtoSchool tutorials as curriculum, with mentors available to help participants work through the challenges. ProtoSchool chapters operate independently, but each has its own repo in our org to facilitate chapter discussions and event planning, as well as easy hosting of a chapter website via GitHub Pages. Start your own chapter today! Check out our launch video to learn more about how you can get involved with the ProtoSchool community.

Meet Jordyn Bonds and Mark Henderson of TallyLab

At next week’s IPFS Weekly Call, creators of TallyLab, Jordyn Bonds and Mark Henderson will be on hand to explain how they used IPFS to help them build the encrypted diary app. Besides being CTO for TallyLab, Mark is also Distributed Systems Engineer at Haja Networks (working on OrbitDB) and is an active IPFS contributor. On the side, he makes podcasts and runs a marine science hackathon. Jordyn is TallyLab’s CEO – which, on any given day can mean building the UI, talking to customers, bookkeeping, or anything else under the sun. On the side, she is an instructor for Girls Who Code and throws a monthly karaoke party out of her living room. See their presentation next Monday at 5pm UTC here.

IPFS in the wild

Do you follow IPFS on Twitter? For the latest mentions of IPFS in the news, check our Twitter feed or see the latest articles on Awesome IPFS.

Updates and new releases

See the latest releases of IPFS tools and projects across the ecosystem.

Tools and projects we <3

Awesome IPFS is a community maintained and updated list of projects, tools, or pretty much any things related to IPFS that are totally awesome. To see more, or add yours to the list, visit Awesome IPFS on GitHub.

Coming up in the Community

Did you know IPFS has a community forum at discuss.ipfs.io? Sign up to participate in discussions about coding, tutorials, see announcements and learn about upcoming community events.

  • Graph Day was recently announced and will take place at the historic Grand Theater in San Francisco, California on January 25th, 2019.
  • AraCon, the first Aragon Conference, will take place in Berlin, Germany on January 29-30, 2019.
  • IPFS will be a topic of discussion at FOSDEM 2&3 February 2019 in Brussels. Join us there!
  • Global Diversity CFP Day 2019 will be on Saturday March 2nd. In 2019 there will be numerous workshops hosted around the globe encouraging and advising newbie speakers to put together your very first talk proposal and share your own individual perspective on any subject of interest to people in tech.
  • Data Terra Nemo is coming May 2019, and they’ve announced Juan Benet as their first speaker.

And lastly, IPFS Conf will take place at LX Factory in Lisbon on Wed 26th – Friday 28th June, 2019. More info about our CFP and early bird tickets coming soon!

Thanks for reading ☺️

That’s it for this week’s news on all things IPFS. If we missed something, reply to this email and let us know! That way we can feature you in next week’s edition.



点对点科技深耘IPFS与Filecoin技术,坚持区块链技术改变未来的信念。点对点 IPFS 数据中心是目前国内技术领先,性价比高、保障优的投资标的。自建杭州数据中心,合作数据中心分布于上海、宁波、河北、香港、斯德哥尔摩(瑞典)等地。点对点数据中心具有优秀的硬件配置与目前国内优质的网络节点资源。点对点科技力求将IPFS爱好者升级为IPFS领军者与受益者,让IPFS颠覆传统互联网,共同开启 WEB 3.0时代。


Filecoin测试网二阶段昨日重启,点对点出块第一! | 点滴资讯



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