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IPFS Weekly 1

Welcome to the first edition of IPFS Weekly!

IPFS is a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identities, aiming to make the web faster, safer, and more open. In these posts, we will try to highlight some of the development that happened in the past week. For anyone looking to get involved, follow the embedded hyperlinks, search the wealth of information on github or join us on IRC (#ipfs on the Freenode network).

Since this is our first time launching the Weekly, we’ve included several past weeks. This is partially because we’ve been refining our process, and wanted to make the first weekly a great one. In the future, they will be released weekly. If you have any feedback about this process in general, let us know here. Thanks!

December 21

Here are some of the highlights for the December 21 Sprint:


Not too much happened during this sprint, because it was the holidays – however, it was also the 32nd CCC. @whyrusleeping, @diasdavid, @lgierth, @Dignifiedquire and more of the team were over there in Hamburg.

IPFS Weekly 1


For more updates, see the sprint issue.

December 14

Here are some of the highlights for the December 14 Sprint:



  • (registry-mirror) @diasdavid worked on the npm on IPFS project. This involved some new features, moving the mirror to a different server, and making it work better with larger dirs and with 0.4.0.
  • [(js-ipfs)](//github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs @diasdavid pushed some major updates for js-ipfs, too.

Not much else to report this week; a lot of people are off to enjoy CCC, and the holidays.

December 7th

Here are some highlights of what happened during the December 7 Sprint :


  • @whyrusleeping shipped IPFS version 0.3.10! It contains 74 new commits since the previous version and you can get it here.
  • npm on IPFS! registry-mirror is a new tool that enables distributed discovery of npm modules by fetching and caching the latest state of npm through IPNS. For more info, see this blog post by @diasdavid .
  • @jbenet released a new tool/library called dnslink that makes it easy to resolve dns links (special TXT records in a domain name that can point to paths, like an IPFS path)


  • (infrastructure) On the infrastructure side of things, @lgierth has bootstrapped two new storage, each with 17 TB of disk space!
  • (api) @RichardLitt has [reached a draft 1]((//github.com/ipfs/api/pull/13) of the much needed API documentation.
  • @harlantwood wrote a bit of nodejs code that spins up a fresh IPFS node, sets it to a known ID, and publishes to IPNS using that node.
  • (specs) The new IPFS Linked Data (IPLD) spec is actively being iterated on in the specs repository. Join the discussion here!

Active stuff

  • @robcat and @fazo96 have done great work integrating IPFS with pacman (the package manager for Arch Linux). They can now install arch packages straight from IPFS! For more details, see this active discussion.
  • @Dignifiedquire has been working on an attractive new distribution page for IPFS, which will be the new landing page to download all things IPFS. You can see the latest screenshots here.


Across the entire IPFS GitHub organization, the following people have committed code since December 7th. (We’re autogenerating this list using this tool, so please let us know if your name isn’t here.) In the future, we will also include people who comment, as they are also super important; bear with us while we develop that technology.

Thanks, and see you next week!

  • Richard Littauer and Andrew Chin

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