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Announcements: IPFS Conf, Developer Meetings for IPFS & libp2p and a User Registry

Update The target timeline for IPFS Conf has been changed to 2019. The original post listed a tentative date of November 2018.

We’re very excited to announce two events that have been in the making for a long time. In (tentatively) November 2019 we will host a public IPFS Conf in Lisbon. To prepare for that event, in July we will convene small IPFS and libp2p Developer Meetings in Berlin. All of these events will be loosely inspired by PyCon and Docker Conf — events where community members play a very active role in shaping the agenda, and where a large portion of time is allocated to working meetings where Working Groups and product teams make the most of being together in-person.

IPFS Conf in November

IPFS Conf will be a large, open-registration event for the extended ecosystem of people and projects that touch IPFS, libp2p, IPLD and multiformats. We are aiming to host that event in Lisbon in November 2018 2019. The event is open to all. To pre-register for IPFS Conf, use the pre-registration form.

IPFS and libp2p Developer Meetings in July

The IPFS Developer Meeting (9-11 July) in Berlin will be a small, 3-day working summit for IPFS maintainers, contributors and the people who are most actively engaged in the evolution of IPFS. It will be followed by 2-day libp2p Developer Meeting (12-13 July) specifically focused on libp2p and its users.

As a distributed project with contributors spread all over the world, we do most of our work and decision making remotely. In fact, even some of the core maintainers have never met in person. We embrace the distributed nature of this ecosystem, but we also appreciate the power of spending time in the same physical space with like-minded people. As we poise for explosive growth in this ecosystem we have been setting up Working Groups to play an increasingly prominent role in driving the work that we do. These developer meetings will be an opportunity to establish shared context and working relationships, so that the members of these working groups can become better leaders of the communities that grow around them.

Participants must apply to attend the Developer Meetings. The deadline for submitting applications is May 28th. Our priority for these meetings is to get all of the maintainers, many of the active contributors, and a strong sampling of people who have committed real time and effort to building software on IPFS and libp2p. Participants at the meetings will address key unresolved technical and community challenges while co-creating a sense of membership, shared ownership, and responsibility for the ecosystem and all its pieces. They will leave the meetings with more responsibilities than they had when they arrived.

To be eligible to attend either of the Developer Meetings you must either be an active contributor on GitHub or you must submit information about your work to the IPFS User Registry (more info about this below). Participants will be chosen based their directly-relevant responsibilities, the contributions they’ve made to the ecosystem, and the impact of their work.

If you want to attend either of the developer meetings, fill out the IPFS Developer Meeting Application form, the libp2p Developer Meeting application form or both. If you want to attend both meetings, you should fill out both forms. We will accept applications on a rolling basis. The deadline for applications is May 28th. After that deadline we can’t guarantee that your application will be reviewed.

User Registry

As maintainers of the IPFS project and coordinators of its surrounding ecosystem, we have a view into the huge array of people who are building tools, libraries and products on our protocols. We have not done enough to feature those people, the projects they’ve launched, the software they’ve created, and the communities of users who they’re serving. We intend to change that, giving everyone a view into the ever-growing and continually-evolving ecosystem of people around the world using IPFS, libp2p, IPLD, multiformats, etc. To do this, we are creating an Registry of IPFS and libp2p users which anyone can submit their projects to and, once submitted, can update the registry as their projects evolve.

We hope that this registry will help people to make crosswise connections, find new tools to use, people to collaborate with, inspiring ideas, etc.

The User Registry allows you to opt into the public listing of IPFS and libp2p users. By default the information you enter will only be visible to the core working group, Working Group captains and PMs who lead IPFS, libp2p and IPLD, so even if you don’t want to be listed publicly please use the User Registry to tell us about your project. For example, if you’re using IPFS privately, or if you’re just exploring or evaluating IPFS but aren’t ready to tell the world about it you can still put information about your project in the User Registry for us to see internally.

To add your project, or projects, to the User Registry, fill out the User Registry Entry Form.



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